COVID-19 RED ALERT Cameroonian in Prisons: Danger Zone

The President Elect Maurice KAMTO demands the immediate decongestion of Cameroonian prisons, especially the release of people in pre-trial detention and political detainees, including those of the CRM and the Anglophone crisis, at risk of collectively succumbing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As recently addressed to President-elect Maurice KAMTO by an inside source witnessing the unbearable situation unfolding in the central prison of Nkondengui in Yaoundé. Swift action must be undertaken by decongesting and releasing prisoners for public health reasons, as repeately requested by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights since the beginning of the pandemic. Failing to act urgently in this direction, the national and international community must take note that the Yaoundé regime has decided to convert provisional detentions and all sentences into DEATH SENTENCES. The Government should act urgently. Otherwise it would have to assume the entire responsibility of having deliberately sent to death row, these Cameroonians in delicacy with the Law or hostages of the regime, as far as political prisoners are concerned.

Alain FOGUE TEDOM,Former political hostage of Mr. Paul biya

” Good morning Mister President,

The situation at the Nkondengui Central Prison is a source of the greatest concern. 6 of our comrades who are detained there currently show symptoms of Covid-19. I received the information from a very credible source about the symptoms observed in respect of one of the detainees, who are similar to those concerning our other comrades: runny nose, violent dry cough, fever and chest pain. The prison infirmary is crowded with many other prisoners displaying the same symptoms; however, the nurses are talking about malaria. I wanted to make you aware of the situation. Please accept the expression of my deepest respect.

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