UNESCO Center for Peace 2020 International Women

UNESCO Center for Peace 2020 International Women

This is the official submission form for this year’s competition. By submitting this to the contest administrators, you agree to the required terms and conditions. Only projects submitted by the due date of February 21, 2020 will be accepted. Direct questions to

Submission Guidelines

Participants: Juniors – ages 10-14

Youth – ages 15-20

Product: A 3-minute video, multimedia presentation, 500-700 written essay, art work or any method that channels a specific passion that answers the prompt

Dates: The contest starts January 21 2020 and the final deadline is February 21, 2020. Judging will take place and final winners will be announced Mar 6, 2020

Prompt: “Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #5 by 2030 ” Look at Gender Equality and Challenges encountered around you and develop your idea and solution to help the UN accomplish it by 2030.”

Entrants should respond in English by making a 3-minute multimedia production, 500- 700 word written essay, art work or any method that channels a specific passion in answering the prompt. (Translations or subtitles for projects not submitted in English do not have to be perfect.)

Make sure your entry follows the submission guidelines prior to submitting: • The work has to be relevant to the question. • Your work must be original. • All participants need to fill out a Submission Form. • Please make sure your essay satisfies the following formatting criteria: o 12-point Times New Roman o Double-spaced o 1 inch margins all around o 500-700 words in English in MLA format. • Videos must be 3-minutes maximum. • Images of 3-dimensional art will be accepted. You must complete the 100 word explanation of your work on the Submission Form. • 1 entry per person • For additional information, write to Mrs. Sharon Welsh SDG5@unescocenterforpeace.org with subject line SDG #5 Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept group submissions?

A: No.  Submissions should be submitted by one participant.

Q: How is the contest judged?

A: The competition will be judged by our international panel of judges. Judging will be done online via the Google Drive. Each judge will receive a randomly-selected number of submissions for each age group with the entrant’s name removed. When all votes have been submitted, the highest scores will be selected for the top 3. The other 7 will be the semi-finalists. Any discrepancies will be decided by the organizing team.

Q: What criteria will be used to select the winning essays?

A: Judging will be based on a sliding scale of 1-10 (1 indicating needs improvement to 10 indicating exceptional) based on relevance, development, creativity, impact, and originality.

Q: Who are the Judges?

A: The international panel of judges will be selected and showcased on the official website.  These are

college-educated professionals with experience in academia and / or the arts.

More Questions? Email us at YouthContest@unescousa.org with “Youth Contest Question” in the subject line.

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